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How Does the Garden Grow, Year 3

bloom stalk

This is the first time this plant has ever bloomed.


Amazing textures and colors.

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How Does My Garden Grow

. Now that we have a yard I’ve been creating my first garden. Here is how some of the plants are growing.

I’m proud of all of the plants but I’m especially happy to be growing watermelons. 



I'm growing 6 kinds of tomatoes and look how delicious these look.

We grew this basil plant from a little baby plant and she has grown up nicely.


Fresh parsley has a new meaning now.

These cucumbers were grown from seed on Cucumber Hill.

The Japanese Flying Orange sapling isn't doing so well but I love how it looks.

These came up on their own. Can you ID them? I don't know what they are. UPDATE: Lydia reports this is Yarrow or Achillea millefolium.



Our neighbor gave me some of his extra okra.

Another neighbor gave us some of her pattypan squash.

Painting our Intersection


Residents of Mount Rainier, MD gathered at the intersection of 34th and Bunker Hill to paint a mural on the street. The volunteer effort was lead by Mike Turner, center.

Prepared painters wore hats for protection from the sun.

The outline of the painting was done in chalk and we began painting from the inside of the sun and moved outwards.

It took many people and brushes to get the paint onto the ground.

Even some little ones joined in painting the sky.

Once the main colors were laid it was time to blend. Bill Updike was on the blending-the-edges team.

Krista Schlyer lead the blending team.

Painting began at noon and by 5 the finishing touches were being added. We unfortunately ran out of white paint for the clouds so the painting will be finished in the coming weeks.


If you’re in the area come and check out the beautified intersection (map: http://goo.gl/maps/ogUs)


Rainbow Over the National Geographic Society


This is the first building-to-building rainbow I've ever seen in downtown Washington, DC.





The Off Season Anniversary Trip to Ocean City


We requested a bay view and when we arrived it was difficult to tell if that was the case since the fog was so thick.

The view was nothing but clouds but it sounded alive with hundreds of sea birds.

Luckily the fog lifted on the second day.

The birds were frolicking on the islands next to the hotel. It was difficult to see them but they were easy to hear.

The setting sun left its mark on the bay.

Does it get any better?


Neighborhood Watch Takes to the Mount Rainier Streets

Walking Down 36th

Rick talking it over

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